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Sunday, December 8, 2013


This weekend I hosted our annual, "birthday party" for my son. It is a tradition that has been happening for the past five years. I cook spaghetti and my famous meatballs for twenty of my sons friends plus our family. For dessert I  make carmel applespice cheesecake and mint chocolate ice cream mud pie. It is quite the bash. This year was the first time EVER that I did not clean my whole ENTIRE house for a gathering. I am trying to decrease the amount of stress I put myself through during the holidays. My thoughts were to stick to the essentials, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, and create ambience in the living room dining room, where everyone will be. Close the doors to the bedrooms and no one ever goes down stairs. I made a huge fire in the fireplace for everyone to warm up around, and played Christmas tunes. I had scented candles and little flickering lights on the mantle. Plus an ice sculpture candle holder outside. Everything was going as planned, but then just as I thought I had gotten away with this plan of no one ever seeing any of my mess, my granddaughter built a Santa sleigh and invited each and every guest to see it......downstairs...dun dun DUN!  Oh well no one even noticed , they loved the food and all is well. Happy Holidays,,,be happy, don't worry!

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