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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


3 wise men bearing gifts

Did you ever wonder why they brought MYRHH? 

I have heard so many explanations for this but none really get to the actual reason. Myrhh is a rare essential oil used for it's autoimmune properties.

Only a wise man 

would know that an infant born in squalor would need some extra protection against bacteria and possible infections

 even the Son of God. 

I personally took Myrhh capsules for 2 years as I had also read that it was

  • good for ulcers and 
  • other stomach conditions and as a 
  • breath freshener. 
  • To my delight I have rarely been subject to any of the viruses that come around since that time.

It is an anointed plant one that is so valuable in this time of penicillin resistant strains of bacteria.

A valuable gift and one that will be appreciated by everyone... even Jesus.

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