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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Interest

Winter has arrived in a big way! This is the first time that we have had snow for Thanksgiving (that I can remember at least)!
 Mon Petit Bleu has taken on a Fantasy like appearance, white and black.Soft rounded mounds of white with a sharp contrast of black bark and twigs here and there. My corkscrew willow, didn't even have time to shed  all its leaves, and so gives off an unusual sillouette with its blanket of white. My classic bike, that is actually under cover was arrayed in  snow during the first few hours of our first winter frenzy,blustering with drifts that scooted snow into all kinds of nooks and crannys normally protected from the moisture.. It reminds me of "Little House on the Prairie"  With the  carved out paths to get to the garage and from the front yard  to the back. Our chiwawau Jojo has found some sort of freedom in this new Snowy Kingdom. He goes from one path to the other, carefully surveys what lies beyond the paths and from time to time ventures off a little only to come running back to dry off his paws. He is such a princess!

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