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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In my previous post I gave you a general idea of what it takes to create a beautiful garden, with the secret to a beautiful garden. In this post I am going to give you the one simple ingredient, that is the binding force behind all the creative ideas...it's Magic! Before you turn away in disbelief, please read this excerpt from THE FRENCH GARDENER, by SANTA MONTEFIORE... perfectly describing this magical process that all true gardeners are familiar with and rely on to create visions of beauty in their own backyards.
"with a little magic, it will flower in the spring" "Why do you always say magic, Jean-Paul/" Miranda asked. "Do you mean nature?" 
"Magic is love, Miranda. If you love someone they grow in beauty and confidence. They flower before your eyes. A woman who isn't beautiful becomes beautiful in the warmth of love. The garden is the same. With love it will grow better and brighter and more abundant. There is no secret to love or magic, just the limitations of our own courage and self-belief." 

No gardener could argue with that, nor could it be said any better way. So as you begin to create the vision of your garden, do so with love. It may take time to develop a true love and the creation of beauty that you envision, but with a little magic and time it will appear right before your eyes.

*excerpt from the French Gardener, printed with the permission of it's author Santa Montfiore.

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