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Saturday, July 19, 2014


This week I have been on the prowl for drought tolerant gardens. JACKPOT! I have come across some of the most amazing drought tolerant plantings that you have got to see. These gardens have been beautifully designed with functionality and water conservation in mind. Which as you probably have guessed is the Zen of it. Take a look at the simplicity of these gardens that require very little else from you except your love and appreciation of their beauty.
As you scroll down to gaze at these beauties notice the similarities in all of them.

There is a gracefullness in their height and their small foliage that brings the eye up.

Also present in each garden is the contrast between textures, the soft grasses next to the coarse textured flowers like lavender, golden rod and yarrow.

color is the other Zen ingredient or the lack of it and subtleness of what little there is. Notice the pale almost whisper of the Russian sage purple.

An excellent border made entirely of Yarrow.

Soft tall grasses surrounded by Shasta Daisy's

Here are some contrast of texture and colors to create a serene and secluded sitting room for taking it all in. Also very Zen is allowing yourself to be in the moment of your garden.

A potted garden to added some moisture to an otherwise water free garden is the crowning touch to this garden.

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